Scéal is the Irish Gaelic word for story. It’s pronounced almost like scale, but more like “ske-al”. See, now you speak Gaelic.

We’re a family that loves telling stories. It’s normal to find us huddled around our dining room table for family dinner catching up on our crazy lives over an amazing meal. Stories are what move us. Stories are what capture our attention and compel us to act.

Scéal Productions is a family business that tells your story through video as our primary method. We work hard to capture and share your product, service, cause, event or effort in a way that makes people lean in. We love working closely with clients to translate their vision from heart to camera to audience.

Kelly Harrison
I’ve been involved in video production for over 20 years. From political campaigns to product ads to ground breaking cancer research to church production, I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing people. I love working with clients to help them tell a compelling story. I also like smoking meat, petting my boxer and walking down a long trail on a cool fall day (not all at the same time mind you).

Helen Harrison
She’s the CFO, proof reader and maker of all things unique cuisine. She and Kelly have been married for 28 years and love doing life together. Her full time gig is a Sr. Administrative Coordinator for the John’s Hopkins University Dept of Medicine. So she can pretty much perform surgery. On an excel spreadsheet.

Joshua Harrison
Josh graduated from Towson University with a B.S. in Information Systems. He brings a creative combination of technical know how and artistic insight. From web development to graphic design to editing, Josh is the swiss army knife of production.

Nichele Harrison
Married to Josh, Nichele recently finished nursing school and started her career as an RN. She helps us stay grounded with practical perspective and a contagious laugh. Plus, if you need anything “STAT,” she can deliver.

Caleb Harrison
Caleb is a graduate of  Towson University  with a B.A. in Art and Graphic Design. Almost all of the animation and title work we do comes from his creative brain. Caleb is equally talented in editing, graphic design and anything to do with video games. He’s our production ninja.

Lydia Harrison
Lydia recently graduated from  Towson University with her B.A. in Elementary Education and is full time teaching littles in public school. Lydia lends her creative insight and musical abilities to many of our projects. Sometimes, one of the hardest aspects of a production is selecting just the right musical piece that conveys the intended feel of the story. Lydia hunts for music scores like she hunts for the perfect outfit.

family pic